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Whirling Witchcraft

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Being a witch means working with a variety of magical ingredients, but a witch can only use so much magic before it all blows up in her face. Therefore, think carefully about your recipe and ingredient choices!

In Whirling Witchcraft, you start with four recipe cards as well as several ingredients on your workbench; components are available in five categories, and each category has a limited number of slots on the workbench.
During each round, all players play simultaneously. You all choose and reveal a recipe from your hand at the same time, then you can use as many recipes as you like to transform the various ingredients you own. Maybe you'll turn a mushroom into the catchier mandrake, then you can turn two mandrakes into three mushrooms, and so on. In addition, by passing on leftover ingredients, you can try to trick your neighbor by making his workbench overflow!

Age: from 14 years

Duration: 15-30 min

Number of players: 2-5

Language of the rules: EN

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(Vizuāli ļoti skaista spēle - izteiksmīgs vizuālais noformējums, krāsaina, pievērš uzmanību, skaisti un tematiski zīmējumi (raganu personāži atveidoti brīnišķīgi), kā arī spēles papildelementi (raganu katls / kubiciņi) iederās tematikā.
Pati spēle ir jautra un interesenta, nebūs garlaicīgi arī spēlējot divatā, noteikti lielisks papildinājums jautram spēļu vakaram.

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