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  • 6. ņem! Latvijas čempionāts 2024
    March 3, 2024

    6. take! Latvian Championship 2024

    On March 19 of this year, the first "6. take!” Latvian Championship, the winner of which will get the right to represent Latvia in the World Championship! Prove your skills or just come and have fun!
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  • Tu un es! Es un tu!
    February 8, 2024

    You and me! You and me!

    Every year Valentine's Day comes, comes and goes again. It is a beautiful day when couples, lovers and also my wife and I tend to do something special together. Now we have found a way to extend this great feeling and being together for the whole year. What is it that makes our time together great? Of course, board games and my fantastic jokes!
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  • Populārākās čempionātu galda spēles: izvēlies savu un kļūsti par labāko!
    February 2, 2024

    The most popular championship board games: choose yours and become the best!

    Although board games have not gained as much popularity as traditional sports such as hockey, basketball or e-sports, local and global tournaments are also organized among board players. If you also want to write your name among the world's best board game players, then all you have to do is choose the game that suits you best and go for the victory! In this article, we will look at the most popular championship table games.
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  • Splendor Latvijas čempionāts 2024
    January 24, 2024

    Splendor Latvian Championship 2024

    On February 17, the "Splendor" Latvian Championship organized by Brain Games will take place in the "lofts" bar, Matīsa street 8, where the participants will have the opportunity not only to have fun, but also to compete for various prizes. Come and prove yourself!
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  • Nesteidzīgiem un dzīves pieredzes bagātiem spēlētājiem
    December 20, 2023

    For leisurely and experienced players

    Board games - entertainment that we never grow out of! Games are no longer just for children, they can be a very thoughtful and great gift for our grandparents too! What games would be suitable for older members of the family?
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  • Kopā mīļāk jeb sadarbības spēļu ceļvedis
    December 14, 2023

    Lover together, or a guide to cooperative games

    Christmas is a time when you want to spend more time with your loved ones. What could be closer than cooperative board games? Unlike other board games, in cooperative games we either win or lose together, instead of fighting each other.

    These will be great for companies that are new to board games or just tired of competing, but that doesn't mean winning will be easy!

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  • 12 aizraujošas spēles, ko spēlēt ar bērniem
    December 14, 2023

    12 exciting games to play with children

    As the holidays approach, you should also think about the little ones and how different they are and each with their own interests. The most common question I get from other parents is, is this game developmental? Don't worry - all games are developmental and develop different skills in the child. Be it dexterity, vision, planning, or something else. It's often more difficult to figure out what to buy for a child than for an adult, but don't worry, as a father of three and a huge board game enthusiast, I have quite a bit of experience in this matter. My wife would say I'm more of a gamer than a father, but anyway, here are my recommendations for different games, for different ages.
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  • Pavadi laiku ar ģimeni — TOP spēles, ko spēlēt ģimeniskās noskaņās
    December 9, 2023

    Spend time with your family - TOP games to play in a family atmosphere

    "Looking for a game for the family. What can you recommend?" One of the most popular questions in our stores, which is also one of the most difficult, because the category of family games is very broad. But don't worry - our stores have games for all kinds of families, and everyone will be able to find the one they like.

    TOP games to play with the family.

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