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About us

Briefly about us

"Brain Games" is a 100% Latvian company that sees board games as a reason to get together and spend meaningful time. The vision of "Brain Games" is for board games to become one of the most popular hobbies in the Baltics.

Brief history

The company was founded in 2004 as "Prāta Spēles". The idea for it arose when several friends played "Catana Invaders" brought from the USA and forgot to even go to work in the excitement of the game. As the company grew and expanded, it was renamed to the internationally sounding "Brain Games". Great board game enthusiasts and experienced board game developers still work here.

Briefly about the market

At the time when Brain Games was founded, board game culture in Latvia was mostly known for such games as Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, Riču račs and Cirks. At that time, information and knowledge about new, interesting games from the United States, Germany, France and the rest of the world began to flow in, but the range of games was still limited.

Since its foundation, Brain Games has been working to develop the culture and market of board games in Latvia and the Baltics. This market is growing by 25% every year.

We are happy and satisfied to say that today "Brain Games" is the leading board game company in the Baltics and has created a separate company "Brain Games Publishing" to persistently expand the range of board games with new, interesting, exciting and high-quality board games created right here in Latvia .

Brain Games Publishing spun off from Brain Games in 2014 as a company focused solely on inventing, developing, creating, and eventually publishing board games.