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Is it really that no other hero will be able to beat you? Jump into the fray and find out!

"Unmatched" is a fast, tactical battle game where different characters from pop culture, mythology, fairy tales, etc. meet each other on the battlefield. Choose your favorite character, choose the battle location and use your character's unique deck of cards to defeat your opponent. The game allows you to mix and match characters and playing fields from any Unmatched set.
"Battle of Legends Vol. 1" features four legendary heroes, each with their own unique deck and abilities. King Arthur can sacrifice his cards to boost his attacks, Alice can get bigger or smaller by changing her attack and defense points in parallel, Medusa can attack the opponent from a distance and Sinbad moves around the battlefield with fast movements, getting stronger and stronger as the game goes on .

Age: from 9 years

Duration: 20-40 min

Number of players: 2-4

Language of the rules: EN

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