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Tik Tak Bum Party

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The game "Tik.. Tak.. Bumm", which has won awards in many countries, has been delighting gamers for more than ten years. This special version "Party" is even more exciting and interesting.

In addition to the classic game, in which the participants take turns to guess words with the letters mentioned on the card until the ball explodes, the "Party" version includes four more games:

1. We know you: Name a celebrity whose name begins with the letters mentioned on the card.

2. Question: Name a word whose meaning is compatible with the question asked on the card.

3. Single root words: Add other words or letters to the word on the card to create a new word with the same root.

4. Letter cocktail: Create words from the anagram mentioned on the card.

Four new categories will make players think even faster, more resourcefully and more creatively!

Age: from 12 years

Duration: 30 min

Number of players: 3 - 12

Terms language: LV

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