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Ticket To Ride: Track Switch

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Welcome to 1900: The Age of the Locomotive!

Railway tracks connect all major cities in the country, allowing you to cover considerable distances in just a few days. Trains are more popular than ever and the railway depot is full of busy engineers and workers rushing to move the train cars onto the tracks that will take them to their intended destination.

As a railway depot manager, YOUR role is particularly important.

By giving instructions to the locomotives and moving the train cars to their designated places, you will make sure that all the loads arrive at their destination on time. But think carefully - train carriages will rarely be where and when they should be. To leave!

In this mind puzzle, your task is to maneuver the wagons with the locomotive around the railway depot in the positions indicated on the task card. In how many moves can you do it?

Age: 8+

Number of players: 1

Number of tasks: 40

Language of the rules: EE, LV, LT

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