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Tash-Kalar: Nethervoid (Expansion)

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A gate opens, revealing a land of shadow and fire. Demonic forms with alien power enter the arena. The realm of Tash-Kalar is now open to a new dimension , the Nethervoid .

Nethervoid is a new deck for Tash-Kalar players. Along with new cards and tokens, the set also includes a special token marking the gate of the interdimensional portal from which Nethervoid practitioners draw energy.

The position of the goal plays a critical role in the choice of tactics. In time, you will realize the full power of the set when you have mastered the whole dimension!

Age: from the age of 13

Duration: 30-60 min

Number of players: 2-4

Language of the rules: EN

This is an expansion of the game, not playable without the base version!

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