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Game Wanted!

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Which of all the players will be the most resourceful and will be able to portray the characters the fastest? Find out in this role-playing reaction game!

The rules of the game are very simple. There are four characters in the deck (banker, robber, policeman and judge), they are depicted in different times. Each player puts a card on the table, and if it depicts a character going about his business, you must quickly perform an action corresponding to the depicted character: show a police token, hit the table, raise your hands, etc. The player who stands last and fails to do so, picks up the cards. The task is to get rid of all the cards, so players must be very careful and agile. The game is a lot of fun when played at a fast pace.

Set includes: 72 cards
(68 character cards, 4 police tokens)
The number of players is 2-5.
Game time: 10-30 min.
Age: 7+ years
Language: ENG/DE

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