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Slim Mr. Boo Dino Egg with dinosaur

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Environmentally friendly slime - antistress slime Mr.Boo is a colorful, fragrant slime for play. Slime is a great release of mental tension: it can be stretched, squished and even blown with a straw. Recommended for children over 5 years old. The wide range of Mr.Boo slimes impresses with different aromas, bright and neon colors, glitter, confetti and small toys inside. Perfect for playing at school and with friends at home. Only natural ingredients, absolutely harmless and safe. Does not stick to hands, does not leave colored streaks, is easily connected to any hard surface.

Environmentally friendly slime - Slime Mr. Boo are ideal for creative play in making different shapes and figures. Absolutely non-toxic and safe for children. Mucus is a great release of mental tension.

The game will help the child to recognize:

  • physical properties - can be wrinkled, stretched, shaped, inflated with a straw. In the wild, the slime remains solid and retains its shape within 24 hours. To make the material soft again - keep it in a place inaccessible to air. To restore the elasticity of mucus - add a few drops of water.
  • aromas - each slime has its own aroma

The game develops:

  • finger and hand motor skills
  • coordination of movements and simultaneous use of both hands
  • creativity and imagination, aesthetic taste
  • memory and attention
  • spatial thinking and logic
  • speaking and communication skills
  • perseverance and other important skills

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