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Black Stories Junior: School Stories

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Black Stories is a communication game that can be played anywhere and with any number of players. This is the first game in the series aimed specifically at a younger audience.

School Stories brings together 50 new, challenging puzzles for smart teens and younger kids—original and funny stories from the schoolyard, gym, cafeteria, or classroom. Modern and progressive stories were tested and approved by school children. Solving fun is guaranteed!

Players win or lose all together! One player will be the leader who will answer the other players' questions about the story. Players must ask questions that can be answered with "yes" or "no". The goal is to get the full story. When the players tell the leader the true events of the story, everyone wins!

Age: from 8 years.

Duration: 10+ min

Number of players: 2+

Language of the rules: LV

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Dagnija Hazenfusa

Black Stories Junior: School Stories

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