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Pathfinder P2 Apocalypse Prophet Extinction Curse 6

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The heroes have finally earned the magical energies emitted by the life-giving eaon orbs!

Now their task is to climb to the highest peak of Starstone Island, fooling wily demons and stopping the mighty xulgath invasion coming from the depths of the earth. In a trap-filled underground vault, a lecherous priest works hard to unlock the secret of the Curse of Destruction. If the heroes fail to stop him, the world will experience Apocalyptic Destruction!

The Apocalypse Prophet is a Pathfinder adventure for four 18th level characters. The adventure concludes the Extinction Curse adventure path, a six-part monthly campaign where players lead a traveling circus as they uncover a villainous plan to destroy all life on the islands of the Inner Sea. This edition also includes a map with the Forbidden Mountains of Corto, a review of ancient relics, new monsters and new rules.

Number of players: 4+1

Language: Eng

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