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Pathfinder P2 Advanced Player's Guide Pocket Edition

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Get ready to go even further with the pocket version!

This 272-book Pathfinder Second Edition rulebook contains exciting new rules for character creation and play, adding more depth to your choices! The book features new Origins, legacies, and four new classes: the pedantic Inquisitor, the mystical Oracle, the brave Swordsman, and the curse-throwing Witch! The book will also bring new options to all the classes already covered, along with new origins, spells, skills and items, as well as 40 flexible archetypes to further diversify your play experience!

The Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide includes:

  • 4 new classes: investigator, oracle, swashbuckler, and witch!
  • 5 new origins and successions.
  • 40 new archetypes, including multiclass archetypes in 4 new classes.
  • New options for the existing 12 classes.
  • Even more new and exciting rules and additions!

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