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Merchants Cove Oracle (Expansion)

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Read the stars and change your fate by rolling the dice and writing the future of Merchants Cove!

As the Haggatha Oracle, you will read fortunes to the unfortunate! Read the stars, divine the future and change fates as you try to separate people from their fortunes. Weary travelers will come to your shop hoping to find luck and advice. You'll get it through lucky charms and horoscopes, but sometimes you'll need to do a little voodoo as well. The main thing is to be careful that darkening or dirty dishes do not scare off too many honest payers!

Oracle is a new playable merchant in Merchants Cove. This figure centers around the roll-and-write style of play, complete with a marker, an erasable area and a special dice bowl. Each turn, you'll toss a handful of runes (coins, bones, voodoo figures, and dice) into a divination container, then record the results on your board to take action and predict the future!

Age: from 14 years

Duration: 60-90 min

Number of players: 1-5 

Terms language: EN

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