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Kingdom Rush Rift in Time

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A new, board game twist on tower defense!

Welcome Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time , where you and your allies will work together to defend against savage attacks from the mystical Wizard of Time.

Lead heroes and build towers to protect the realm from the ever-approaching forces of evil by placing attack polyominoes and sending out soldiers! But be careful! The Wizard of Time's portals will wreak havoc, causing all the towers to twist and disintegrate! Will you play your towers to protect the kingdom or give them to your partners to upgrade the towers? The decision is in your hands!

Play the unique campaign mode to stop the evil sorcerer's plans to control the world and Space-Time. Each new scenario will be more challenging than the last, introducing new fearsome opponents, game-changing events and epic bosses to defeat! The only way to stop the Time Wizard is to close all his portals, but you'll have to fight wave after wave of villains.

Age: 10+

Duration: 45-90 min

Number of players: 1-4

Terms language: ENG

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