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Army Painter Daemonic Yellow Primer Color

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Ingenious combination of primer and blow-out paint! Color Primer's unique formula is designed for use on all metal, plastic and resin miniatures and provides a perfect finish.

The combination of ultra-fine pigment and polished nozzle makes Color Primer easy to apply the first time. The colors are matte, making your freshly sprayed miniatures or models ready for base paint almost instantly.

Save both time and money! No need for 2 different sprays - you only need 1 color base for flawless results.  All primers are acrylic-based, matte and dry very quickly.


  1. shake for at least 1 minute;
  2. spray no further than 20cm away from the miniature;
  3. spray in long strokes, moving the spray back and forth.

We recommend that you first try spraying on an old test model to check the color and finish before applying to future figures.

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