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For The King (and Me)

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The young king does not know how to rule at all! Seize this opportunity by taking on the most prestigious government duties!

Share the cards, choose the most profitable works, then experience the auction phase, which is both simple and strategic!

The task of the players is to become the most valuable ministers by collecting the right cards and reducing the value of the opponents' quests. The game plays very similarly to the classic game Biblios, but allows up to five players to participate.

The game lasts several rounds, in which players collect cards from the beginning, then bid for them in the auction. During the collection, the active player draws one card at a time from the pile, keeping one for himself, placing the other in the auction pile, and placing the others, face down, for the next player to draw. Once a card is taken, you can't take another one, so sometimes it's hard to decide what to take and what not to take! After several collection phases, the cards in the auction pool will be auctioned off.

Some cards earn points based on color, others earn gold, and some allow you to change the values ​​of the different colors. Once all the cards have been bid, players reveal their hands, tally up the points, and determine the winner!

Number of players: 2-5
Game duration: 30 min
Age: 10+s

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