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Break the Cube is a multiplayer puzzle solving game! In order to compete, you will have to build the most complex shape possible behind the screen.

Your goal is to reproduce the figure hidden behind your opponent's screen before they reproduce yours using Break the Code's system of questions and guesses, but now in 3D!

The first player to find an opponent's piece initiates the end of the game. Everyone else will get a chance to guess their opponent's shape to share the win.

Each player starts the game by forming a figure with their wooden pieces behind screens.
On their turn, players can:
Ask what the opponent sees from the top of one square.
Ask ALL players what they see in a column or row. This question must be answered by everyone at the table, even the one who asks it.
To try to guess the figure once they think they have played. If correct, every other player gets a chance to guess their opponent's shape.

Age: from 10 years

Duration: 15-25 min

Number of players: 2-4

Terms language: EN

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