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Bohnanza (LV)

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In the classic card game Bohnanza, players grow beans, harvest crops and trade for wealth. It's great for adults and older kids who are looking for a card game with tabletop conversation and strategy.

In Bohnanza, you plant and then harvest bean cards to earn coins. Each player starts with bean cards drawn at random, each card having a number corresponding to the number of beans of that type in the deck. Unlike most other card games, you cannot rearrange the order of the cards in your hand, so you must use them in the order you took them from the deck, unless you can trade them to other players, which is the point of the game. Plan how to plant and harvest the beans to earn the most dollars and win the game!

A look at the game

The goal of the game is to earn the most dollars by planting, harvesting and selling beans. Each player plants beans in two or three furrows and tries to sell them for the highest possible profit. The more beans of one type a player sells, the more dollars he gets. If the player does not plan their moves carefully, they may end up harvesting and selling their beans ahead of time and at a lower price than expected. Sometimes harvesting does not bring any profit. So the player must be able to successfully trade with the beans in order to win.

Age : 10+
Number of players: 3-5
Duration of the game: 45 min
Languages ​​of the rules: EE, LV, LT, RU

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Bohnanza (LV)

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