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Alice is Missing, a board role-playing game

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A comprehensive board role-playing game that is played entirely without verbal communication.

Alice is Missing is a silent role-playing game in which high school student Alice Briarwood has disappeared in the small town of Silentfall.

The game is played without verbal communication. Players experience the adventures of their characters in 90-minute long sessions, but instead of talking, they send text messages to other characters, both in general chat and in private correspondence, as if they are not in the same place.

Alice is Missing, a beautiful, deeply personal and highly innovative gaming experience. The game emphasizes the emotional engagement between players, immersing them in a tense, dramatic mystery that unfolds organically through the text messages they send each other.

Age: from 14 years

Duration: 90 min

Number of players: 3-5

Language of the rules: ENG

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