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Step into Warhammer Age of Sigmar with Extremis , a starter pack designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to the world's best fantasy wargame. With patterns, rules, guides to get you started, and more, this massive set makes it easy to get started in your hobby - build models, learn to play, and have fun with a friend or family member.

This kit includes:
  • 1x 80-page Extremis Edition book (paperback);
  • 1x basic rule book (softback);
  • 32x plastic snap-on citadel miniatures;
  • 10x Stormcast Eternals;
  • 1x Lord-Imperatant with 1x Gryph-hound:
    3x Praetor;
    5x Vindictors;
  • 22x Kruleboyz;
  • 1x Swampcalla Shaman with 1x Pot-grot: 10x Gutrippaz: 10x Hobgrot Slittaz;
  • 6x Warscroll cards and 2x Allegiance Ability cards;
  • 5x Citadel Terrain:
    - 1x Nexus siphon
    - 1x Guardian idol
    - 2x Domicile shells
    - 1x Pile of pillars
  • 30 x 22.4 double sided playing field;
  • 2x range rulers and 10x dice;
  • 2x example rule sheets;

(These miniatures come unpainted and require gluing - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.)

The Citadel color range is extensive and includes a selection of vibrant colors as well as a range of metallic and effect colors to add eye-catching details to your models. Whatever you're working on, there's a Citadele paint set to help you achieve great results.

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