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A Little Wordy

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"A little wordy" is a thoughtful, strategic, well-designed game for two players. It's not a game about the most powerful vocabulary - it's a game about choosing wisely.

From the creators of Exploding Kittens comes A little wordy, a witty and refreshing word guessing game.

How it works: Each player is given some letters. They must be arranged to form a word. Be cunning and choose a word that your opponent will not guess so easily. Write it down and keep it a secret. Unscramble your name and return the letters to your opponent. Your goal is to remember your opponent's name. Advice cards will be useful for this, they will tell you the first letter, the length of the word, or what it rhymes with. You win if you can remember the word using as few clue cards as possible.

The longest and most complicated word is not always the best choice. Sometimes, by choosing a short and simple word, your opponent will "get tangled up in mastery". This game balances the abilities of word builders and beginners, fun will be had by all!

Age: from 10 years

Duration: 5-10 min

Number of players: 2

Terms language: ENG

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