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The Search For Planet X

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A dark planet may be lurking on the edge of our solar system. In 2015, astronomers speculated that a large distant planet could explain the unique orbits of dwarf planets and other objects. Since then, astronomers have been scanning the sky in hopes of finding this planet.

In Search for Planet X, players take on the role of astronomers who use observations and logic to search for this hypothetical planet. In each game, the companion app randomly chooses the arrangement of objects and the location of planet X, following predetermined rules of logic.

Each time the earth travels around the sun, players use the app to perform scans and attend conferences. As they obtain information about the location of objects, they record this information on their deduction sheets. As players learn the locations of various objects, they can start posting theories, earning points.

As more and more objects are found, players narrow down the possible locations of Planet X. Once the player thinks they know its location and the objects on either side of it, they use the app to search. The game ends when a player successfully finds planet X, and all players have one last chance to score bonus points.

The Search for Planet X captures the excitement of searching for discoveries, solving the puzzles of astronomical exploration, and the competition inherent in the scientific process. Can you find the first planet X?

Age: from the age of 13

Duration: 60 min

Number of players: 1-4

Language of the rules: EN

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