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Exit: The Deserted Lighthouse PUZZLE

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You run along the dark, rocky coast, seeking shelter from the raging storm. Soaked to the bone, you look up to see a bright beam of light pierce the curtains of rain. Lighthouse! But suddenly and inexplicably the light goes out. You look out into the water and spot a ship. It goes straight to the rocks! You realize you have to rush to the top of the lighthouse and turn it back on before the ship crashes into the rocks! But many confusing obstacles stand in your way...

Exit: The Game + Puzzle - The Deserted Lighthouse has puzzles hidden in four 88 piece puzzles. Like other Exits, The Deserted Lighthouse doesn't have a playing field, but it doesn't have puzzle cards either. Instead, there are four puzzles that you will find and put together one at a time. Each completed puzzle reveals the next clue!

Exit: The Deserted Lighthouse PUZZLE is a puzzle game modeled after breakout rooms and features components designed to be folded, written on or torn, making it a single-use game.

Age: from 12 years.

Duration: 60-120 min

Number of players: 1-4 (best 1-2)

Language of the rules: EN

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