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Antimonopoly LV

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The free market collides with ruthless monopolists.

This is a modernized version of the classic almost 100-year-old Monopoly game, where monopoly is not the only way to win.

In the real business world, both competitors and monopolists work hard to increase their profits. But each of them has its own approach. Opponents sell more items at reasonable prices, earning a fair profit. Monopolists, on the other hand, first destroy their rivals in order to set prices that exceed fair principles and receive exorbitant profits.

In this game, each player can choose which way to go - become a monopolist who monopolizes streets to build houses with huge rents, or play a free market participant who builds houses on any street offering reasonable rents.

Age: from 8 years

Duration: 6 0-90 min

Number of players: 2-6

Terms language: LV

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