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Catan Baltic Championship 2023

Catan Baltic Championship 2023


Championship will be held at RTU Faculty of Architecture, 6 Kipsalas Street, Riga, on September 9–10.

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  • Registration form
  • Participants who have filled out the application form and paid in the online store can compete in the championship. It will NOT be possible to pay at the venue!
  • Registration is open until the September 3 (23:59).
  • Registrants must be at least 10 years old!


  • The registration fee is 20 €. Buy here
  • Early Bird price (until July 31) is 15 €.
  • Registration fee must be paid until closing of registration.
  • If you decide not to attend before September 3, you can contact us and we will refund you.
  • After September 3 no refunds will be issued!


  • Grand prize: airBaltic gift card worth 300 €
  • Finalists will receive:
  • Gift cards from Roadgames worth 100€, 75€, 50€ and 25€
  • Gifts from SELGA
  • Gift cards from Brain Games worth 50 
  • Semi-finalists will receive gift cards from Brain Games worth 25 
*All participants will be able to taste biscuits from SELGA.
    • The best player from Latvia will be sent to CATAN European Championship in Copenhagen!*
    • The best player from Estonia and Lithuania will qualify for the 2024 country's National Championship's second day**


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    • Hotel Janne offers 50% off the price with the promo code CATAN when booking by email info@hoteljanne.lv.
    • Hostel Red Nose offers 10% off the price with the promo code CATAN when booking by email info@rednose.lv.


    • Championship is played by Catan tournament rules, with changes specified in these rules.
    • The schedule will be sent out no later than September 5. On Saturday the games will start at 12:00 (registration from 11:00). The championship will end on Sunday no later than 18:00.


    • Players must take their place at the table no later than five minutes before the start of the round.
    • The matches will be played on boards designed by the organizers, which will be announced approximately five minutes before the start of the round. The 4th player of the table is responsible for preparing the board before the start of the game.
    • Each player is given 2 minutes to settle each of their starting villages.


    Before the game, each participant must choose a chair and a color to play with. The first pick is made by the player who is first on the list. They are followed by the second and the third player, but the fourth player is forced to settle for the remaining choices.


    The player's score is determined by three criteria in the following order of importance:

    • Number of wins
    • The number of victory points
    • Victory point percentage at the table.


    After completing the game, the participants must fill in the game report sheet, which must be confirmed with signatures of all players. The winner of the game then takes this sheet to the organizers' table.


    • Conversations at the table are held in English. You can talk in another language only if absolutely ALL players at the table agree to it. Conversations between individual players in another language are not allowed and are considered a violation that can be punished with disqualification!
    • The 4th player at the table is responsible for dealing out and taking in resources and development cards — they are the banker. The banker verbally reports his actions by interacting with their own resources. Players may agree to have another player taking the role of banker.
    • Game’s length will be limited (exact information will be published together with the game schedule). Players should take their turns without unnecessary procrastination.
    • Dice must be rolled on the table — so that they are not simply “placed”. If even one of the dice has fallen on the ground or lands on an uneven surface, BOTH dice must be re-rolled.
    • The participants of the game themselves are responsible for playing by the rules. If new actions have been initiated after an error has been made, the error can no longer be corrected.
    • Verbal agreements are not binding.
    • Physically influencing opponents before, after or during the game is, of course, completely unacceptable and will mean disqualification of the offender.
    • Spectators may watch the games, but may not interact with players. They MAY NOT comment on what is happening or talk to any of the participants.
    • If the players cannot agree on the rules, they have the right to call a referee, whose decision will be final.
    • Players are prohibited from using mobile phones during the game (the sound must be turned off). The only exception is to time the moves.
    • The use of alcohol and other intoxicating substances, as well as aggressive behavior during the championship is not allowed.

    For any questions regarding the Championship please contact the main referee/organizer Jānis janis.bernans@brain-games.com.

    * The player from Latvia with the highest placement in the end will be sent to Catan European championship (CEC). If the 2023 Catan Latvian champion ends up in the highest place, the ticket will be awarded to the player who showed the second highest result in the championship. This is possible due to the size of Latvia's National Championship and CEC rules.
    ** They will start the second day with guaranteed 16th seeding. They still can participate in the National Championship and earn a higher placement for the second day.
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