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MazeScape Ariadne

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"MazeScape", a solitaire game with mazes that defy the laws of logic!

"Mazescape" is an exciting and intriguing maze game for one player. It's a game you can take anywhere and play again and again to discover the different nooks and crannies of all seven included maps. It's a completely unique concept that promises to surprise and cause headaches in equal measure. In this original game, the player will unfold the map and follow the clues in search of the impossible solution that will allow him to escape the maze.

"MazeScape Ariadne" will bring the player to ancient Crete, where he will have to go to the famous Labyrinth of Daedalus. You can only rely on your wits to overcome the challenges posed by these maps and reach the final battle against the minotaur. Once you've escaped the maze for the first time, you can venture back into it and find all the hidden treasures you missed along the way!

Age: from 8 years

Duration: 5-90 min

Number of players: 1

Language of the rules: EN

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