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Funny Bunny

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In the board game Ravensburger Funny Bunny , there is a beautiful meadow where the biggest and most beautiful carrot grows, which every rabbit tries to reach. How to do it? There is only one path leading to this carrot, along which the rabbits of our new players are jumping, trying to outrun each other, but the path is not as simple as it looks.

Each new player draws a card on their turn, which can either have a picture of a rabbit and write how many jumps they can make, or a player can draw a card with a picture of a carrot, which means they have to turn the biggest carrot clockwise. What is going on? When you turn the carrot, some of the rabbits fall to the ground...

Yes, the road to the carrot is not easy. If the rabbit falls in, then you will have to start the path from the very beginning of the meadow. But the main thing is that you don't have to go through the fact that the rabbit has fallen, because each player has a team of 3 rabbits, and maybe they will be the first to reach the carrot.

Age: from 4 years

Duration: 15 min

Number of players: 2

Terms language: EN

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Aiga Motovilova

Spēle vienkārša, bet aizraujoša. Mazajiem patīk. Pat 3gadniekam.

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