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It's Obvious

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A game where you, as Apprentices of Telepathy, must jointly - but secretly - choose a picture card from the center of the table that somehow relates to the two picture cards in front of you, saying "My choice is obvious!"

You must not give any indication as to which picture cards you have chosen, either in front of you or in the center! You have to carefully watch and guess what the other players will pick because you don't want to pick the same card as someone else. Once all players have done this, the tie is revealed - if all players have chosen unique images, that game round is over. If any players have chosen the same picture, the round is lost. Three unsuccessful rounds out of the total number of rounds, which in turn depends on the number of players, will result in a loss for all players. If you can get through all the rounds without losing 3 times, then all players have won!

Age: from 8 years

Duration: 30 min

Number of players: 3-6

Language of the rules: EN

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