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Dune: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy

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Take control of one of the most important planets - Dune!

The planet Dune is completely barren, but it has another value - on it you can get the most valuable substance in the universe - spice. It is an addictive drug, but allows the user to see visions of the future that help plan safe space travel. Without this substance, space exploration would be impossible. It cannot be made artificially, it can only be obtained on the planet Dune.

In this game, you will control one of the six factions fighting for control of the planet Dune and thus of this special substance.

This game is based on the basic principles of the classic more than 40-year-old game, but with some changes, first of all, the game design has changed, as well as some rule changes have been introduced, which have made it more accessible to players, and it also includes a new two-player game option.

Age: from 12 years

Duration: 20-60 min

Number of players: 2-4

Language of the rules: EN

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