Time: September 29-30

Place: Fashion and entertainment center "Rīga Plaza”, 71 Mūkusalas street, Riga, Latvia

Participants: anyone with basic knowledge of Catan rules and English language.

Participation fee: Price will be specifed later in August



The championship consists of 2 days. In the first day every participant plays 4 games. In the second day the TOP 32 will play the play-offs. After each play-off round half of the participants will leave the competition, thus leaving 4 players for game four or the Big Final.

Other participants will have chance to either play friendly games or participate in small championship of other games (to be specified later).

The championship is played by the rules of local championships with the following exceptions:

1) The official language of the championship is English. However, if all participants at the table agree that table can use a different language. In case some conversations take place in a language that is not understood by everyone at the table the content of that conversation must be translated for everyone to understand.

2) The distribution in day 1 will be also dependant on nationality. We want to mix the people with different nationalities as much as possible therefore the tables will be created so that as many nationalities as possible are at the same table. The system will be clarified later.

The complete rules for whole championship will be published in September.



The main aim of the championship is to let the fans of the game from all Baltic come together and have 2 fun days playing it and making new friends.

The winner will be declared the Baltic Catan Champion and receive eternal glory.

Prizes will be given to the best players as well as for others for various achievements. More info will follow.

SCHEDULE will be published later.

In case of questions, please write to